Monday, December 5, 2016

Preview of One Issue Campaign

Last time I discussed how I was going to steal Jeff Rients idea (THANKS!) of a “One Issue Campaign.” Well now I am going to outline the few changes I plan to implement. But first let’s review exactly what Jeff’s idea of the project was. (I will be doing so in my owns words)

1)      Start with set of core rules, preferably one a small amount of setting material or a strongly implied setting.  Too much setting info will spoil the soup I think, while none whatsoever will serve as an insufficient basis.  I'll be using Labyrinth Lord(revised edition/fourth release), with its Duchy of Valnwall sample wilderness.

The core rules that I will be using on this blog are 5E. These rules are on the light side of things, and also there are a ton of people out there playing it. The next change, will be the setting. I will be using a custom setting of sorts. I am the kind of guy that likes to borrow a lot of ideas from other people (obviously, I try to credit them the best I can. I promise!).  And I also do not like to box myself into one setting itself. So instead I just plan to throw a bunch of different settings together and figure it out from there. In the beginning we won’t even have a setting at all, and slowly we will find a setting that we like and implement the story into it. This will depend on the type of locations and people we end up creating out of the content.
  1. Get a single issue of Dragon or some other gaming mag.  Ideally I should have selected one at random, but for sentimental reasons I'm going to use Dragon #69.  It was the first issue I owned. 
Alright, while Jeff Rients picked issue #69 because he liked it. I just picked one at random, and got #124

  1. Squeeze every possible of iota of usable information out of that magazine and nothing else to flesh out a campaign for your ruleset.  (FYI I'm not switching campaigns.  This is just a thought experiment.)
This is where it starts to get difficult. Jeff is ridiculously good at grabbing things from the bleakest of pages. I on the other hand, will most likely struggle a lot with this. And of course, as a reader you can contribute too. Just post your imaginative ideas down in the comments and we can make changes as we go (The more gonzo, the better). There is a small change I will be making to this still. I will not be boxing myself in with just Issue #124. Instead, I will continue to grab some things here and there from blogs that I find. I will link to these within the postings.

So that is the general idea. We are going to absorb as much information from Dragon Magazine Issue #124 as possible, and with that come up with a campaign that our players can wreak havoc in. And that is a key part, I DO NOT WANT THIS TO BE SOME RAILROAD. Rather I want it to be a campaign/setting that just has a lot of things going on it in, that the players can then interact with that stuff.

I am sure I am missing some rules that I have for myself on this project, but they are not coming to mind. So as they come up I will post them in the blog, and then maybe later make another larger post outlining how this whole thing is operating. 

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